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Patent Lawyers Articles

Drug haze needs straight talking

Charlie, my 10-year-old son, has a drug problem. Since he started drug education classes at school a few weeks ago, he keeps peppering me with questions about marijuana, cocaine and ice. What does each one do to you? Have I ever tried them?

Nobody should own access to your genes

An inquiry into biotech patents has implications for women's health.

Odd spot

The National Folk Festival in Montana is to feature "a unique event in tribute to the culture of the American West" - a lying contest. Organisers say the event is for amateur liars only: no lawyers, politicians, patent medicine salesmen or motivational speakers need apply.

Budding Inventor Aiming To Patent Idea

WHEN 16-year-old Lambton High School student Callen Dick began a wind energy project as part of the school's gifted and talented program he never expected to lodge a provisional patent for his invention.

Depression Hits Lawyers

LAWYERS are more likely to suffer depression than any other group of professionals in the country.